That infamous phrase, “dress for success” — usually thrown around when a new job, a promotion or opportunity is looming, and we’ve all heard it a million times. But we’re here to say that it applies to more than just your killer interview outfit.

Have you ever seen that article about the benefits of making your bed every morning? If you haven’t, the basic premise is this: at best, making your bed as soon as you wake up will set you on the path for success, efficiency and productivity in your day ahead, and at worst, if you have a terrible day of disappointments and let downs, at least when you decide to turn in you’ve got a beautiful, fresh, well-made bed to snuggle into.

The same principle also applies to your home and your business environment. Our surroundings have a distinct and profound effect on our energy, mental health and well-being. This always influences our ability to process information and problem solve.

As interior designers, we’re fine tuned to be aware of the spaces around us, so we can be particularly sensitive in this area. Surely we are not the only ones who’ll avoid a cafe with awful interiors, even if their coffee is great.

Our advice is to take some extra time to tidy up your desk, stick to the schedule you set for yourself, treat yourself to those paintings or soft furnishings you really love, and ensure your work space and is just as perfect as you can make it. Your home and business environment can be springboards for your creativity and success – and comforters in hard times.


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