The question we hear the most is a simple one: “Am I ready?”

Are you ready to start your own interior design business? We’re afraid that there is no one answer to this — we are all unique in our lives and in our career paths, so we cannot give you a one-and-done answer. 

That is except to say — you’ll know. 

You’ll know you are ready because it will be all you’re capable of thinking about. You will feel a deep pull to start out on your own; an idea of something totally yours will haunt your thoughts day and night, night and day and you will find yourself dreaming about it and imagining yourself in that position for most waking (and sleeping) hours of the day. 

This is how you know you are ready – that you can’t possibly not do it for any longer. The next steps of readiness are then up to you and your choices. 

We recommend you take some serious time to prepare yourself by considering who you are, why you need to do this and how you will go about it. 

Your next steps are then to prepare your artistic vision and your business plan and how you go about that will be unique to you. 

So, are you ready? Email us on hello@yourinteriorbusiness.com or call on 0141 639 9710 to chat about your new business.


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