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We all like the idea of being our own boss, the freedom it brings, the money you make but when you’re in charge of everything, from finding clients to sourcing products and designing spaces being an interior designer is a big challenge.

At Your Interior Business we’re here to show you how to set-up, plan and organise your business so that you can have the freedom you desire and the money you deserve.

Sheena Mason-White


Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Sheena has spent most of her working life in London, as well as New York, Dallas and San Francisco.  She is bold and strong, and her mantra is quality over quantity.

Sheena is best when she’s coaching and helping others develop their life and business plans.  This comes from years of running her own consultancy business which allowed her to work with a number of senior executives in blue chip organisations.

Her passion for interiors started at an early age, always choosing to live in beautifully designed homes, many of which she renovated herself.  This led her to train to become an interior designer. Her interior style is elegant, colourful, light and spacious. 


John Mason-White


Born in Ayr, Scotland, John has had a successful career in aviation, travelling extensively and spanning over 30 years.  He has worked for British Airways and Jet2.com and he has consulted for The Thomas Cook Group and the Royal Airforce.

John is best when managing a large-scale project.  His expertise is in transforming aircraft interiors which has resulted in budgetary responsibility upwards of £50 million, along with managing large teams of designers and suppliers.

Bespoke is John’s forte and he has been responsible for a major VIP aviation project for the UK Government and the British Royal Family. His interior style is colourful, sophisticated and makes the best use of sustainable materials.